Train Yourself for An Out-of-Body Experience

Wow. Pretty crazy stuff, huh?

If you’ve heard of Astral Travel, you’re possibly interested and maybe a bit scared.

Especially if you’ve seen Insidious. It gives the impression that allowing your spirit to leave your body leave your physical body open to attack to entities from the spirit world.

Though this is a common fear, there’s really nothing to worry about – since the dawn of mankind, shamans have been visiting dimensions unknown to “regular folk”.

The reality is that you are automatically protected from visiting dimensions that are above your skill level. Unless you have already developed the spiritual powers of the right level of spiritual protection, you’ll never be able to reach those more intense astral planes.

With that being cleared up, how does one go about learning how to induce an out-of-body experience?

In fact, the process of learning astral projection is not so complicated as some may have you believe. A short explanation of the process can be found here, at Psychic Bloggers